Where to get an idea for the thesis?

If you are a university student and you are finishing the courses to later start the thesis, then, this article is for you. First, do not panic, we are experts in the subject and we are dedicated to helping students like you. Second, the thesis, although it is a job that needs dedication, is not impossible or superior to your abilities and abilities. Remember this: it is a study to demonstrate what you have learned throughout your career.

To start the investigation we need an idea of ​​the subject that we are going to deal with, but what happens if we do not have one yet. It is in the last semesters and years of studies, when we begin to think about the thesis and a possible topic, we look for ideas that can later be developed. For this reason we would like to share with you a simple way to find ideas.


All research work requires originality to propose the novel study of a topic, we know that it is harder and harder to find something completely new. However, if you are going to deal with a widely known issue, your motivation as a thesis student should be to show it from a different or little studied perspective. As we are immersed in university studies, it can be difficult to find one or several unique ideas, since our main source of information is the subjects and everything is already proven. So, where can we look? In the environment, what surrounds us, even in our daily activities.

Everything when it is part of our context is valuable. The personal, work and student experiences enrich our perception, if you are attentive you will be able to discover genuine ideas with which you can then elaborate more complex topics for your thesis. For example, feasible projects generally arise from the very needs of students who subsequently seek to help their community. Conversations with teachers, colleagues, friends and fellow students, even your own intuitions serve.

Books, newspapers, magazines, specialized articles and other academic documents are sources of news. It happens that when you read an article some doubts remain in the air, these could become excellent ideas for your thesis. Do not forget everything that now appears in audiovisual format: series, movies, radio, television, videos, etc. Of course, the Internet and all its informative capacity are immediate sources of ideas.


Whether the idea comes from a very complex theoretical book or simply in an informal conversation is not relevant. That will not affect the quality of your work or the relevance of your study. The really important thing is to turn that idea into a concrete topic, that you can develop for your degree work.

If you have one or several ideas, research a little about it and talk with your teachers and classmates. This will help you to specify the subject and when you have it ready, you only need to start the thesis. Cheer up!

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